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Replacement strap for bags

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Replacement purse straps are functional accessories designed to replace worn-out or damaged straps on handbags, purses, or shoulder/sling bags. They are crafted to provide both durability and style, allowing you to revive your favorite bag and give it a fresh new look

These straps are adjustable allowing you to customize the length to your comfort. These have sturdy hooks making them easily interchangeable between bags.


Overall, replacement purse straps offer a practical solution for refreshing and customizing your handbag collection. With their wide range of materials, styles, and colors, they provide an opportunity to personalize your bag while ensuring functionality and durability.

These adjust up to 56" * some styles may slightly vary 

Shipping & Returns

Custom orders can take up to 10 business days to ship.

Returns of custom orders are not accepted unless mistake was made by maker on customization


Blankets are approx 54" X 62"

Care Instructions

Cold wash, low/no heat dry.

  • Handmade items are sold as is